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Going through a divorce is always highly emotional. Jeannette Garcia has experience handling a variety of divorce scenarios, from amicable divorces resolved via settlement, to contentious litigation. Our goal is help you navigate this process and find a solution that is fair, amicable, and efficient.

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Navigating through a child custody dispute, whether in a divorce or paternity (parentage) case can be difficult and emotionally draining. Jeannette understands that your children are the most important thing in the world to you. She will fight to protect your relationship with your child during this process, while emphasizing the importance of putting any differences with the other parent aside and considering your children’s best interest.


In California, child support is based on a statutory formula that takes into account primarily the parents’ income, and the amount of time spent with the child, among other considerations. Jeannette can assist you in establishing, modifying, and enforcing child support orders.

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There are two types of spousal support with each having its own purpose in a divorce proceeding. Temporary spousal support is part of the temporary orders that can be established, and last through the divorce proceeding until a Judgment or permanent spousal support orders are made. The purpose of temporary spousal support is to maintain the "status quo" pending resolution of the case, and is usually based on a statutory guideline. The second type of spousal support is permanent spousal support, which is established at the Judgment stage. Permanent spousal support is based on several factors, which are outlined in Family Code Section 4320. Jeannette has experience on both the payor and payee spouse.


California is a community property state, which means that all community property is generally subject to an equal division.  Nevertheless, the division of marital property can be complex and overwhelming. We can help you navigate this process and properly allocate the property between the parties.

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Domestic violence issues are serious issues that can greatly affect other aspects of a family law dispute, including custody, support, and attorney fees. However, domestic violence allegations are sometimes misused to gain some benefit in the litigation. We will work with you to file or defend against a domestic violence restraining order.


Since not all marriages last forever, parties can create a good prenuptial agreement to allow them to fully discuss how they want to handle their money and other financial matters prior to getting married. We can help you create a prenuptial agreement or advise you regarding the implications of entering into a prenup that has already been prepared.

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There are certain issues that a Court will retain jurisdiction over after a Judgment has been filed, including custody and support (child and spousal).  Generally, there must be a significant or substantial change in circumstances that warrant a modification.

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